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There might be many automotive locksmiths in La Crosse, WI, but Big Ben’s Locksmith is the number to call when you’re in need. Whether you’ve got a case of lost keys, broke one and need a replacement key, or are stranded in a parking lot somewhere, locked out of your car, I’m happy to come to the rescue right away.

Vehicle Lockouts

We’re all human, so a vehicle lockout is bound to happen at some point. This is when having an automotive locksmith you trust on your side comes in handy. It can be embarrassing to stand outside your car staring at the keys you just locked inside, but it happens to the best of us. It’s frustrating when the keys look so close but are just out of reach thanks to a solid door and window. Don’t risk damaging your vehicle permanently trying to jam random items in to get the keys out yourself. A professional automotive locksmith like myself has specialized equipment that allows for a speedy retrieval and zero damage to the vehicle.

vehicle lockout
top rack repair
ignition cylinder repair
Replacement keys

Replacement Keys

There are hundreds of things that can go wrong with keys, leading to the need for a replacement. Whether a key has been damaged in a freak accident or simply broke off inside the ignition, I will replace it and even extract the stuck key from your car. Maybe you’ve received a miscut key or one that has been worn down over time; I’ll supply a new one. I can even duplicate spare keys, rekey a lock, or repair a lock.

The Trusted Automotive Locksmith

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